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Why eComputer ?

We focus on the business customer as compared to the consumer. With this expertise, our customers rate us as providing the very best in customer satisfaction in our industry. We have made essential strategic investments over the years to be able to build such a strong reputation with this low-overhead business model.

How we make it happen: 

·         Authorized partners with over 1,600 manufacturers including top offerings such as:Cisco, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo, Lexmark, Microsoft, ViewSonic & many more.

·         When we set-up conference calls with manufacturers, much faster response.

·         Real-time inventory access  to 650,000+ products and over $6.5 billion in total purchasing power.

·          Centers of Excellence : Server Consolidation, Storage, Software Licensing, Wireless Management, TEM Provider, FixCir™, Equipment Leasing, IT Asset Disposal, Configuration Lab, and Nationwide Services and Integration.

·         An international network of 144 distribution centers connected virtually throughout the US, guaranteeing fast and accurate delivery anywhere in the world.

·         Bundles, Savings, & Rebates Alerts (BSRA) – Our own software creation that drives an additional 5% to 20% cost savings for every customer.

·         Online ordering tool that we customize to fit your requirements. 

·         An impressive 99.98% order accuracy as a result of our robust SAP backbone.

·         The Power of One - One dedicated account team for presales support, design, installation, and support; One website, One process. No Call Centers.

·         Customized and consolidated invoices to further streamline and simplify working witheComputer. Extreme flexibility because we are privately-held with little red tape.

Simply put, we do what it takes to get it done fast and accurately.

We truly believe that Every Customer is Important!

About      |   Services    |   Partners   |    Why eComputer   Contact US